By Tara Lohan

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Interesting background and data for why ECOVAP’s environmentally sound technology is a critical piece needed to counter the mounting evidence that proves that natural-gas and oil extraction threatens wildlife and ecosystems — much as it harms human health.

Safe handling as producers bring the resources we need to the surface is an important first step however, how we dispose of the brine water is the piece that ECOVAP shines for. While other disposal and transportation method may have pipes burst spilling millions of gallons of contaminated water as noted in the report below, ECOVAP serves the water back to mother natures perfect care without transportaion risks at all.

“In January 2015 North Dakota experienced one of the worst environmental disasters in its history: A pipeline burst, spilling nearly 3 million gallons of briny, saltwater waste from nearby oil-drilling operations into two creek beds. The wastewater, which flowed all the way to the Missouri River, contained chloride concentrations high enough to kill any wildlife that encountered it…” Click below for full story