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The article below includes water-specific excerpts from the Biden presidential platform, particularly as related to wastewater disposal environmental issues. These references likely foreshadow various “sticks” and “carrots” that will be deployed by the new administration. ECOVAP maintains political neutrality, and the basis of our disruptive technology is to greatly reduce the cost of wastewater disposal regardless of government subsidies or regulations. However, with our reliance on biomimicry and Mother Nature, we are also able to virtually eliminate all of the negative environmental impacts associated with conventional means of wastewater disposal (particularly the leak contamination cited in the Biden platform). As environmental regulations continue a multi-decade acceleration, we are hopeful that companies with large wastewater disposal needs will consider ECOVAP as both a financial and environmental win-win.

Water-Related Comments from Biden Presidential Platform
Source: Excerpts from – Joe Biden on Clean Energy

“Across the country, there are several million unplugged, orphaned, and abandoned oil and gas wells that pose ongoing climate, health, and safety risks in communities. The oil, methane and brine that leaks from these wells contaminates the air and
water, and the problem is only getting worse. In addition to these wells, tens of thousands of former mining sites for extraction of coal, hardrock minerals, and uranium are causing ongoing environmental damage including to local surface and groundwater supplies. By making an immediate up-front investment, Biden will create more than 250,000 good jobs with a choice to join a union to plug these oil and gas wells and to restore and reclaim these abandoned coal, hardrock, and uranium mines. This program will create jobs for skilled technicians and operators in some of the hardest hit communities in the country, while reducing leakage of toxic chemicals, methane, and other wastes and preventing local environmental damage…”

“…Biden will make a $2 trillion accelerated investment [in sustainable, environmentally-friendly infrastructure], with a plan to deploy those resources over his first term…Biden will make far-reaching investments from roads and bridges to green spaces and water systems to electricity grids and universal broadband – to lay a new foundation for sustainable growth… including access to clean air and clean water…”

“…Ensuring clean, safe drinking water is a right in all communities – rural to urban, rich and poor – investing in the repair of water pipelines and sewer systems, replacement of lead service pipes, upgrade of treatment plants, and integration of
efficiency and water quality monitoring technologies. This includes protecting our watersheds and clean water infrastructure from man-made and natural disasters by conserving and restoring wetlands and developing green infrastructure and natural solutions…”

“…Biden will establish a new Environmental and Climate Justice Division within the Justice Department, as proposed by Governor Inslee, to complement the work of the Environment and Natural Resources Division and hold polluters accountable.”