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This article summarizes the wastewater challenges for the Canadian Tar Sand tailings ponds as one of ECOVAP’s primary target markets. These ponds hold 1 trillion liters (6.3bn barrels) contain a “unique cocktail of toxic chemicals and hydrocarbons that will remain in molasses-like suspension for centuries if left alone.” The ponds cover 220 sq km, an area equivalent to 73 New York Central Parks, and have been dubbed “the largest (and most destructive) industrial project in human history.” According to the article, “a failure of a single tailings dyke could result in contaminated waterways from Alberta’s Athabasca region through to the Arctic Ocean, that would make even the Arctic Ocean look mild by comparison.” ECOVAP believes it can substantially de-water and reduce the volumes of these tailings ponds. Following successful projects in Montana and high-elevation Utah, ECOVAP has proven its ability to operate efficiently in very cold and seasonal environments.

Canada’s Shameful Environmental Secret Tar Sands Tailings Ponds