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When salt water bubbles up in Oklahoma killing farmers crops, everyone takes notice. ECOVAP provides an environmentally safe alternative to Salt Water Injection Wells, thus alleviating SWD leaks, contamination, and seismicity concerns.

While disposal metheds have been severly limited in the past, ECOVAP has drastically shifted the tide of disposal constraints the natural way. ECOVAP’s technology is able to serve the water back up to mother natures perfect cleaning care and is a critical piece in the solution needed to prevent farmers crops from dying on the vine.

“OMEGA, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s been exactly 30 days since several oil and gas operations were shut down in Kingfisher County after twins Ronald and Donald found saltwater bubbling up on their property.

Investigators have stayed busy hauling away nearly 3,000 buckets of the stuff every day, but the problem is only getting worse. Ronald and Donald says it is growing too.

“Never ending deal. It just keeps a flowing and nothing stopped it yet,” said Donald Schweitzer.

More dead crops are plaguing the Schweitzer family property. Three weeks since our last visit, and things have gone from hopeful to three acres of dead crops…” Click for full story