ECOVAP is a leader in wastewater elimination, providing biomimicry-based enhanced evaporation technology at lower costs while greatly reducing the very negative environmental effects of traditional disposal methods.

History & Mission Statement

Founded in 2015, ECOVAP uses technology to ensure waste water that is low-cost, easy to deploy, safe and environmentally friendly.

Our technology is disruptive across many industries and applications that seek to reduce wastewater management costs, including:

  • Produced water
  • Mining tailing pond management
  • Power generation wastewater
  • Lithium mining ponds
  • Final remediation of mining sites, tailings ponds
  • Tar sands
  • Salt mining

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Board of Directors and Executive Management

Michael J. Patey; Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Patey is a serial entrepreneur, having developed and commercialized the technologies for many multi-million dollar start-up companies.

Mike’s career began when he was still in high school by founding Deck-It, a deck and gazebo builder where he was awarded a patent for his deck saving technology. His most recent venture, Prodigy Engineering, was one of the first companies that specialized in the rapid design and engineering of EV Hybrid vehicles leading to its eventual sale to an automobile manufacturer. His ability to rapidly develop, engineer and manufacture ideas from concept to reality are a key differentiator for ECOVAP’s success. Other ventures include:

  • BlueStep Technologies (2005)— Information systems and technology for the senior healthcare assisted living sector.
  • 4Care Pharmacies (2005) — Assisted living medical management software and a companion specialty pharmacy. Mike sold his interest two years later at a $48 million valuation.

Mike is a world renowned pilot, currently holding five world speed records in planes that he designed, custom built and flew. In 2016, Mike was inducted into the Sport Air Racing League Hall of Fame.


Jason Mendenhall; Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mendenhall is a serial entrepreneur that has spent his career building and growing companies that deliver value where business and technology intersect.

Through the depth and breadth of his unique perspective, he has led organizations across multiple industries. As a seasoned leader and founder of Alta Insight, he has transformed companies by leading go-to-market restructuring, driving M&A activity, managing political relationships, fund raising, transforming product development and driving strategic initiatives.

From 2010 to 2017, Mr. Mendenhall was the executive vice president of Cloud and Managed Services for Switch, the world’s No. 1 Cloud Campus Ecosystem. His efforts there led to major customer acquisitions and unique industry solutions and helped establish a strong platform for Switch’s IPO.

In 2002, he founded Verde Communications, a regional broadband and technology services company, which he grew from ground zero to its eventual acquisition in 2007 producing a 10-time return for its investors. He was awarded Utah’s Young Enterpriser Award by the Governor.

An engineer at heart, Mr. Mendenhall received his B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Utah and continues to drive change where technology can improve the human experience.


Kristen Lamb; Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Lamb is one of the founding investors of ECOVAP, building on a career of successful entrepreneurial ventures. Most recently, Ms. Lamb founded Still With You, an online retailer of memorial statues. Previously, Ms. Lamb was also an Executive at MyExpert Solutions (2010 to 2012) and Dynactive Educational Software (2012 to 2014), both providing online counseling and interactive education for adults. In 2001, Ms. Lamb co-founded DesignIt Construction, a residential and commercial building designer and contractor that she co-managed from 2001 to 2010.

Ms. Lamb is also active in various non-profit organizations and philanthropies, including the ChainBreaker Foundation (founder — a charity to empower and provide coping skills for abused women) and the Children’s Justice Center (previous board member — providing care for abused children).

Ms. Lamb has completed four years in the Human Resource Development/Family Sciences degree program at Brigham Young University.

Ms. Lamb serves as a member of the Founders Board for the Rollins Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology — BYU Marriott School as well as an executive board member for the Women in Entrepreneurship program (WE). She also serves as an advisory board member for the Women Success Center at Utah Valley University.


Jeffrey Knowles; Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Knowles is a serial entrepreneur, having worked with Mr. Patey on various start-up companies over the past 15 years.

Mr. Knowles’ business experience is mainly in the credit card payments and software industry. In 1999, Mr. Knowles sold his first venture, Authorize.Net (a credit card processing service company) at a $90 million valuation. Subsequently, Mr. Knowles founded MTREX, Inc./Vision Bankcard, Inc., a payment processor, which then acquired POS Cardsystems and NCCP (led by Goldman Sachs). As a software developer and inventor, Mr. Knowles has filed and commercialized multiple EW-Commerce patents.

Jeff is actively involved in various philanthropies, including Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University.


F. Rowe Michels; CFA, Vice President of Strategic Relations

Mr. Michels leads ECOVAP’s market research effort and has 24 years of investment experience and three years as a management consultant.

Mr. Michels is also the chief executive officer of Alpheus Water Research LLC, a company he founded in 2016 to focus on early stage innovative companies in the water sector. Prior to launching Alpheus, Mr. Michels was the Director of Research, a portfolio manager, and global water and utilities analyst at Tradewinds LLC, a $35 billion equity fund. Prior to Tradewinds, Mr. Michels was the director of Emerging Markets Research at Bear, Stearns Co., Inc., overseeing four offices and a team of 70. During this time, Mr. Michels was a No.1-ranked utilities analyst (institutional investor) for 11 consecutive years, and he received multiple awards for “Top Stock Picker” by the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Michels has authored multiple whitepapers on the water sector, clean energy and ESG investing.

Mr. Michels is the founder of the Sean Michels School for Special Needs Children in Miyani, Kenya. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business.


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